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Sonnen: TUF is tougher than the Olympic games!

Chael Sonnen already started with promiting the new season of The Ultimate Fighter where his opposing coach will be Jon Jones.

Former challenger in the middleweight division and obviously future light heavyweight Chael Sonnen decided to use his marketing abilities and promote next season of The Ultimate Fighter, to attract as many people to follow him and Jones.

- "This isn't a four-man tournament that gets spread over the course of a year. This is a 32-man tournament that will take place over five and a half weeks and to be aired over 10 of the most successful ratings FX has ever seen. This is a tournament that is tougher than the Olympic games, it's tougher than the NFL playoffs, it's tougher than any tournament in sports and that storyline constantly gets missed. This is no more reality TV than the NFL playoffs or the Olympics were. It's real and it's on TV. The bottom line is, this is a tournament. This is a tournament so tough that great fighters like Josh Koscheck, Gray Maynard, Stephan Bonnar and Chris Leben couldn't even win it. It's so tough, that world champions Forrest Griffin and Rashad Evans came through it."

Sonnen: Jones will teach fighters to be brats

Former middleweight challenger, Chael Sonnen, in the spring of next year will finally be found in the octagon with Jon Jones and now we'll follow a well-known scenario - trash talk to end.

Chael Sonnen again succeed, again he reached his goal, and got the match he wants. Jon Jones apparently was not overly interested in a duel with former middleweight, but aware that the refusal to fight would be extremely fatal to his popularity, he said 'yes' to Dana White and accepted to be the opposing coach in The Ultimate Fighter 17.

American Gangster has not waited too long, but moving slowly with its well-known verbal attacks and Jones certainly expects the hardest six months of my life. "He should not have been pressured into this. I did everything I could to warn this guy. I held up a big (sign) that said, 'Hey Jon, I'm coming to the division, Which puts you on notice to pack up your bags and get out of it. 'He was talking about going to heavyweight, and he should have done it. The bottom line is, he waited too long, and now the man has arrived. "

- "I will be taking 50 percent of that talent and teaching them how to fight. The other half is going to be taught how to be selfish brats and Entitled by Jones. The good news for that 50 percent is that when the whole thing is over , I'm sure Coach Jones will throw a hell of an after party. "

Jones and Sonnen coaches in next TUF

During the first part of next year we will have a big clash between current champion in light heavyweight division Jon Jones and Chael Sonnen. Someone has received confirmation that two of them will be opposing coaches in TUF.

Jon Jones recently declined to fight against Chael Sonnen, explaining apologetically that he doesn't have enought time to prepare becouse Sonnen had to replace injured Dan Henderson. Becouse of it whole UFC 151 was canceled.

Sonnen was relentless, a few days ago on Twitter he poked Jones, and it seems that all of this was a prelude to what awaits us in the coming months. LA Times today received confirmation that Jones and Sonnen will be new coaches in the new season of The Ultimate Fighter.

This would mean that the two of them, as it is common, will meet in the final of the season and will face in the Octagon. "It will be a good season. Jones accepted the match because he knows that is what fans want," said Dana White, who was certainly enthusiastic because there is no doubt that the match will bring millions of dollars to UFC and we will enjoy a new interesting skirmishes.

Aforementioned season finale of TUF is supposed to take place in April 2013th. Sonnen, meanwhile, will fight against Forrest Griffin on 29th December in Las Vegas.

Sonnen is next for Jones?

After another championship title defense many MMA fans have wondered who will be the next opponent in title fight with Jones.

On pressconferention after the fight Dana White has hinted that it could be Chael Sonnen, MMA Junkie reports:

- "I can tell you right now, I think they both want that fight. I think there are other fights that make more sense. (But) people to want to see it. If enough people want to see it, I guess I 'd have to make it. "

It is uncertain who will be the next Jonses opponent because a lot of fighters are in the game for an title fight. It could be injured Henderson that was replaced by Vitor Belfort, Machida who was announced as next for Jones after impressive win over Bader in his last fight , Shogun who also won in his last fight, and of course always mentioned Chael Sonnen.

Dana White is already aware that if Chael wins in his next fight against Griffin, will definitely call out champion Jon Jones.

- "He's going to call out Jon Jones, no doubt, (if he beats Griffin). Everybody talks about him talking his way into fights," White said. "But you know that guy's showing up to fight and win. That's why I do not really have reservations about it. When I called Jon and I thought he was going to take that fight - Chael will fight anybody. That's one of the things I respect about him. "

Now we can do nothing else but wait for Sonnen's fight and hope there will be no problems against Griffin.